Best Nail Salon Reno 

Best nail salon Reno is outstanding amongst other nail salons found advantageously in Reno, NV. We ensure your fulfillment with the enthusiasm and numerous years' understanding of our professionals. When strolling through our entryway, you would be spoiled cautiously by the well-prepared, excited, and entire hearted staff. Many excellent and classy nail models alongside various gel hues are accessible for you to browse.

Why Choose Nail Spa Reno?



We provide complete massage therapy for your nails and hands to calm your body and to keep your hands and nails moisturized, we have different massage therapies that can be customized according to your needs.


Along with caring for your nails, we provide complete care for your face and body, we have several packages for providing you with the best facial massage.


Your feet express your personality and thus we focus to provide you complete pedicure services having an efficient and dedicated staff.


We have the latest equipment and technology to make your hands and nails beautiful. We have different packages of manicure according to your needs.

Nail Art

We have skilled staff, who can provide you with thousands of beautiful nail art designs along with this we all the latest nail paint and nail art decoration things that can make your hand more beautiful.

Body Wraps

Being the best nail salon and spa, we provide complete body wraps, so that you can have a beautiful, attractive, and smooth body.

About Reno Nail Spa Work

We give a wide scope of nail and magnificence care administrations include nail improvements, Waxing, Facial, Eyelash Extension… Nail spa Reno guarantees clients' agreeable and loosening up time for each visit in our perfect, breezy, and exquisite space.

Our top need is sanitation to guarantee the client's security. We carefully follow the sanitation rules of the state in each progression of administration. Our Spa Nails Reno high awareness of other's expectations and phenomenal client support is the motivation behind why our ordinary customers consider nail spa Reno as the first-to-go nail salon.


James Smith

Mary Smith

Maria Garcia

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“All I can say is it is the best nail salon and spa where we can enjoy the best services under the surveillance of highly trained and skilled staff and would recommend it to everyone.”

Jack Williams


“A good place to get beautiful and attractive nails, they not only focus on providing beautiful nails but also provide overall care for the body, it is advisable to visit at least once there. ”

Nick Jones


“A cooperative and friendly staff, who provide services according to your needs and choices, I am still surprised at how they manage to serve overall body care services to customers being a nail salon and spa, recommended to all who want beautiful hands and body.”

Shae Brown

Services Spa Nails Reno Provide:

Regular Nail Care: Our nail spa Reno Seasonal spa changes month to month and mirrors the season. Every regular assistance incorporates a deliberately chosen spa, detail nail preparing, scour, hydrating cover, lavish back rub, hot towel wrap and your decision of high-quality spa mixed drink or nail workmanship from our spa look book.

Custom fitted: This administration is Tailored only for you. Are your fingernail skin fit as a fiddle and you simply need to have an extra-long back rub? Possibly you might want fragrant healing or a light back rub? Perhaps you don't care for a back rub at all and might want to invest energy shedding? Your expert will make an encounter only for you.

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Go Time (30 min): Are you in a hurry? Or on the other hand, perhaps you simply need to change your shading? This is a snappy clean or one coat gel clean application. Nail base must be regular,exposed...nothing on them to begin OR have shellac or go time clean. This is a fast clean and goes administration for those with just a single hour to save.

New: Our Spa Nails Reno Fresh spa administrations are the most hydrating administrations we offer. We utilize all-normal Get Fresh items for a seven-advance procedure that will leave your nails lovely and your skin delicate. This is the best decision for those hoping to battle harsh and dry skin.

Mark: Our Reno nail spa mark spa is wonderfully essential assistance. It incorporates a hydrating spa, fingernail skin preparing, clean, cover, fastback rub, and hot towel wrap. This administration is extraordinary for the individuals who have kept up a normal mani/Pedi schedule. Contact Reno Nail Spa now for an appointment.


75 McCabe Drive, Reno,

NV 89511