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Pamper Yourself and be Treated Like Royalty at Nail Salon Reno NV

Life can get hectic and demanding when we live or work in a big city. Sometimes, we forget to give ourselves the time and care we deserve to achieve our goals and meet our daily needs. And the more we try to push ourselves harder, the worse the toll is on our mental and physical health.

Take some time to pause and break away from your stressful daily routine. Allow yourself at least an hour or a full day to be pampered and treated like royalty. In the best nail salon South Reno offers, feel relaxed, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

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Massage Therapy

Treat yourself with an invigorating massage to loosen up your tense and tired muscles.


Enjoy your smooth and youthful skin longer with an instantly lifting and skin-tightening facial.


Have our technicians cut, trim, or shape your nails to your style, followed by a gentle hand massage.

Nail Art

Choose from various designs available in our lookbook and make your nails pop.

Body Wraps

Rid your body of toxins and negative energy while enhancing the appearance of your skin and body.

Foot Spa

Indulge in an extra pampering and exfoliating foot soak, foot scrub, foot massage, and mineral mask.

How we became one of the best nail places in Reno

Nail Salon Reno has always committed to providing our clients the most pampering and invigorating salon and spa experience. Since we are in the business of promoting self-care and relaxation, we strictly follow a protocol that ensures our clients receive the best salon and spa experience.

  • We prioritize hygiene and cleanliness. Before we begin any procedure, we ask our clients to wash or sanitize their hands as our staff does the same to their workstations and themselves.

  • We sterilize our metal tools and towels. We invested in autoclaves to properly sterilize our tools after every use. We also perform manicures and pedicures with single-use nail file products only.

  • We use safe and high-quality products. The polishes and acrylics are for professional use only and are hypoallergenic.

  • We ensure that our technicians and stylists can perform a range of procedures. Our technicians and stylists are provided with training and workshops.

  • We ensure that our salon is adequately ventilated. It is hard to feel relaxed when the air you breathe smells like chemicals.

  • We provide excellent customer service. Our clients always feel welcome in our nail salon. We accommodate all their questions about our services and offer them after-care guidelines.


Nail Salon Reno NV


We use top-of-the range products to ensure the best results.

Nail Salon Reno NV


Our services can accommodate every budget. Clients can choose from standard or all-inclusive packages.

Nail Salon Reno NV


We guarantee a distraction-free and relaxing environment.

Nail Salon Reno NV


Our staff, technicians, and stylists are courteous, knowledgeable, talented, and experienced.

Nail Salon Reno NV


80% of our clients are repeat customers and we continue getting new customers by word-of-mouth.

Nail Salon Reno NV


We keep our workstations and equipment safe by cleaning and sanitizing them in between uses.

What our CLIENTS' say

Nail Salon Reno NV

Aiza G.

Nail Salon Reno NV I went to this nail salon with some friends to prepare for my wedding. We all got manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. It was one of the best days ever. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Nail Salon Reno NV

Judy F.

Nail Salon Reno NV I have been getting my nails done in this salon for over a year now and I don’t intend to go to another, even just to try. The nail technicians here are the best.

Nail Salon Reno NV
Nail Salon Reno NV
Nail Salon Reno NV

Noah S.

Nail Salon Reno NV This is my go-to place when I need to feel refreshed. The staff always makes me feel comfortable and special. I’ve recommended this nail salon to some of my colleagues too. They loved it here so much that they became regulars too.

Nail Salon Reno NV

Best Self-Care Practices to Try

Self-care is all about maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul. Everybody needs to engage in self-care activities every now and then. When we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good about ourselves, we can be the best versions of ourselves. Improve your overall health by trying out the following:

  • Activate your senses. Odors can significantly affect your mood and behavior. You can immediately uplift your spirits by activating your sense of smell and taste. Try to light up some scented candles, add essential oils in your bath, or cook your favorite food.

  • Give yourself a treat. Take a break from your daily life and do whatever brings you joy once in a while. You could catch up with a friend, read a good book, re-watch your favorite movies, or pretty much anything that you enjoy doing.

  • Try something creative. Allowing yourself to try out something new or do something creative is empowering. Try journaling, learn to play a musical instrument, redecorate your space, or paint.

  • Enjoy the outdoors. You do not have to go hiking, camping, or biking to enjoy the outdoors. You can do it by dining al fresco, enjoying your favorite drink outside, or caring for a plant.


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