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Callus Removal Reno Basic Steps and Safe Ideas

Wanting so bad to get rid of the thick hardened skin on your feet? Callus Removal Reno can take care of that. Calluses develop due to the daily strains we subject to our feet. It is a bodily response where the skin tries to protect itself from much pressure and friction. Some contributing factors would be increased frequency of walking, dry skin, and poor-fitting shoes. As ordinary as these factors are, so is having a callus. But no worries, we have the answer, Callus Removal Reno for quick, easy, and painless treatment. Please do take note that for severe cases of callus as well as corns and dry heels, it should be referred to a medical specialist called a podiatrist.

Basic Callus Removal Steps

  1. Skin softener patch application.

  2. Hold the patch in place by wrapping the feet. Set still for few minutes.

  3. Remove the wrap and patch and uncover the newly softened skin.

  4. Scrape away gently and painlessly. Many fear this step, thinking that it would hurt a lot but the truth is it does not hurt, and even gratifying to watch.

  5. After removing the callus and dead skin, polishing the rest of the skin with a foot file is done. It is also not a painful step, it is instead satisfying.

  6. The moisturizing step is done to replenish and infuse moisture into your feet. Leaving your feet smooth, nourished, dead skin free.

When and how frequently one should get this treatment?

You will be needing this treatment more often if you frequently suffer from dry, thickened skin or cracked heels. As needed, you can book the callus treatment Reno side by side with your regular pedicure. Better yet, you can include foot scrub Reno with your usual pedicure schedules to regularly remove dead skin. It is worth the pampering, your feet deserve special treatment with all its hard work bearing your whole body. Though some opt for doing it themselves at home, it is best to let the professionals do the job. They were trained on how to do it properly and safely. They perform the steps hygienically thus you won’t have to worry a thing. Just sit and relax as they take care of your feet.

Know these healthy nail salon essentials you should be mindful of:

  • Gloves should be worn by the hygienist at all times.

  • Stream sterilization is preferred over liquid. All pieces of equipment should be thoroughly sterilized.

  • Avoid infection risk due to too much removal of the cuticle and shaving your legs a day before or on the date of your appointment.

  • Footbaths should be thoroughly drained and should be bleach cleaned. Ensure those body fluids such as blood from cuticles are not transferred to avoid the incidence of HIV and hepatitis.

  • Use only pumice stone to take off built-up skin around the heels. Razors are dangerous and non-hygienic.

If you cannot bear to show off your feet wearing flip-flops because of callus, then it is a huge sign that you need to visit Nail Spa Reno. Callus Removal Reno is one treatment that will give your confidence back. Give your feet the pampering they deserve. We have the right treatment for every foot concern. We use sterile pieces of equipment and observe proper hygienic procedures. Let the experts do the job while you relax. You and your feet deserve the best! Call us and book an appointment!

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