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Eyebrow threading has become one of the common options in perfecting the arches aside from tweezers and wax. Threading is a centuries-old hair removal method that came from Asia and the Middle East, and it has been popular for years now. And many women are trying to use the threading method by themselves. However, not all can do this method flawlessly, and some end up damaging their skin and regretting doing threading on their own.

Here are some disastrous mistakes in eyebrow threading that may prevent you from achieving eyebrows on fleek:

  1. Ignoring Your Natural Shape

    Several women often tend to ignore their eyebrows' natural shape while threading, resulting in poorly shaped eyebrows or even worse. Using your natural brow shape as a guideline will help you achieve a fantastic eyebrow shape that suits your face. You have to keep in mind that your natural eyebrow is a particular shape to match your face structure, and tampering with it may not look pretty.

  2. Over Threading

    Several women are guilty of OTD or over threading syndrome. They tend to thread their brows every day, which is not good as it might leave them with thin lines. It can be tempting but avoid threading your brow more frequently to let your brow hair grow. Use a tweezer to pluck out stray strands of hair instead of threading more often to help you achieve your dream of getting fuller brows.

  3. Using a Heavy Hand

    Many women are too excited to achieve the perfect set of brows; however, they tend to be harsh during the process. You may severely pinch your skin when using a heavy hand, and it can cause you to remove hair that you do not intend to remove. Eyebrow threading requires precision, so you have to be careful when trying it on your own.

  4. Threading Without Using a Mirror

    Do not ever thread your brows without using a mirror, no matter how expert you are in this method. You may incur a severe risk for your brows if you do not use a mirror while threading. You will inevitably end up threading the wrong area, disrupting your eyebrow's ideal appearance and shape.

To avoid these common threading mistakes, here are some things you have to keep in mind in doing eyebrow threading Reno NV and achieve the best set of eyebrows.

  1. Do Not Try This at Home

    If you are a regular threader, you are more likely to try threading at home. You may enjoy the advantages of doing this at home, and it is not recommended to thread your own eyebrow as it could be a logistical nightmare. Visit a reliable salon or brow bar and make sure that the technician is qualified and well-experienced.

  2. Do Keep it Clean

    Never go to a threading session with dirty hands. Dirt and pollution may stick to your hands while commuting, and when you are asked to pull back your skin during the treatment, grime and bacteria will transfer to your skin which may cause breakouts and infections.

  3. Do Not Book Appointments During Your Time of the Month

    Threading has a peculiar "rippy" sensation, and it is not recommended to book an appointment for threading during the menstrual and premenstrual phases of your cycle as it can be more tender than at other times of the month.

  4. Take the Prep and Aftercare Seriously

    It is best to exfoliate the skin around the brow hair before threading as it slough away dead skin and ingrown hairs for beautifully smooth brows. And after threading, avoid touching the threaded area as your pores will be susceptible to irritation. So avoid going to swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, hot temperatures, and direct sunlight for the next 24 hours.

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To achieve the best set of eyebrows, it is crucial to take care of your skin and maintain your brows through eyebrow threading Reno NV. Visit the nearest brow threading salon today!

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