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  • What manicure is best for nails?

    Any manicure is safe for your nails as long as you use polishes that do not contain harsh chemicals. Examples of safe polishes are gel, breathable, peel-off, and nail growth polishes.

    We use organic polishes infused with vitamins to keep your nails strong. We even offer pampering and therapeutic services to keep your hands, feet, nails, skin, and joints to keep them healthy and relieve pain and stress. Feel free to browse our website or connect with us to learn more about our nail and pampering services.

  • What is the healthiest long-lasting manicure?

    For a healthy and long-lasting manicure, choose gel polishes. Gel manicures stay on for up to 2 to 3 weeks without chipping. They do not smudge and look more natural than acrylic polishes. On top of that, certain gel polishes contain vitamins that strengthen your nails.

  • How often should you take a break from gel nails?

    Although gel nail polishes are healthy, we recommend breaks for at least a week to a month from replacing them. Since gel polishes are hard-wearing, removing them requires soaking them in acetone and sometimes filing them off. These could damage your skin and nails when done often.

    In removing nail polishes, we use plant-based acetone. Apart from being more eco-friendly than other acetone products, these are also less harsh on your skin and nails.

  • Is it bad to always have your nails painted?

    Yes. Nails also need to rehydrate, which is why a week or more break from coating your nails with paint is advised.

  • What happens if you paint your nails too much?

    Not taking breaks in between changing colors can lead to thinning nails, discoloration, and having rough patches on your nails.


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