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One of the simplest ways to elevate your nails is to add luxurious accessories and your nails are your ultimate accessory. Luxury nails Reno NV are a combination of a classic base, such as nude, black, or red, added with expensive-looking decorations, like gold and jewels, and sophisticated patterns and topcoats. There are plenty of luxury nails designs you should add to your wishlist.

Gold Flakes Luxury Nails

You can make your manicure look a million dollars with warm, rich, and shimmering in the light, flakes of golden glitter. And you can add some twist by applying it over a matte black base coat. These luxury nails design is perfect for parties or glamorous evening out.

Black and Silver Outline Nails

Outline nails have become popular as one of the chicest twists on the French manicure. A contrasting crescent at the base of your nail is added to the nail tip, and the center of the nails will stay a matte nude shade. You may try black and silver outline nails due to their simple yet sophisticated looks, and the designs are perfect for those with a minimalist sense of style.

Luxury Coffin Nails

Typical coffin nails are medium or long-length with a tapered and squared-off tip and are considered one of the most popular shapes for acrylic manicures due to their chic and glamorous looks. Coffin nails can make your fingers look longer and slimmer and go well with any color or design. Consider a modern French manicure of a luxury finish as the combination of a nude base with a white tip gives off a sophisticated look and can draw attention to the coffin shape.

Jeweled Luxury Nails

Do you want to earn significant compliments? Try adding faux gems to your nails for the ultimate sparkly addition to your manicure. It would be best to have your nail technician apply the gems on a white or nude base to maximize light reflection and prevent dullness. Keep in mind that jeweled nails cannot stay longer than other manicures, requiring professionals to apply.

Black and White Nails

Show off your 60’s style with luxurious black and white manicure. Starting with a black base, the nail technician will add smooth white accents creating bold feature nails, and the patterns look retro yet classic. These nails are perfect for those who love retro look and monochromatic style.

Luxury Ombre Coffin Nails

The soft and gorgeous look of ombre coffin nails is ideal for weddings and other special occasions, making them popular for women. They have a versatile yet sophisticated look that makes them perfect for every event, from date night to family dinner. Also, they will bring perfection to any color outfit you choose. Ombre coffin nails prove you do not have to add glitter to elevate your look.

Metallic Luxury Nails

Molten metal manicure is perfect for fans of shimmer and shine as these nails seem like they have been dipped in silver and gold with a fabulous sparkly finish. You can add mini crystals or sequins to make them more luxurious. These metallic luxury nails Reno NV looks superb on camera and in real life. Match these luxury nails with a classic black or white outfit.

Festive Luxury Nails

Elevate your style with vibrant festive luxury nails. Pick vibrant colors, such as emerald and scarlet, and some decorative details-- one of the popular options is the mixed glitter in contrasting shades of black and silver. Picking one or two-color glitter instead of a rainbow will make sure your nails have a sophisticated and stylish look.

These ideas are just some from plenty of designs of luxury nails Reno NV out there that you can try. There are many luxury nails salon in Reno, but it would be best to choose the top nail salon Reno to achieve a fabulous and luxurious result. Book your appointment today and level up your nails!

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