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Certified safe manicure and pedicure at our nail salons Reno NV

The Babylonians were discovered buried with a manicure set long before the gel nail craze, and it's reported that Cleopatra had a thing for red nails. Your favorite primping ritual may be as old as the pyramids, yet sanitizing processes at all of our nail salons Reno NV have brought it up to the suggested health level.

According to recent legislation, nail salons in California that follow sanitary standards and decrease chemical toxicity may soon be able to acquire a Healthy Nail Salon accreditation. When you wish to indulge in a manicure, having a grading system will assist you in ensuring that all of the finest practices are followed.

Before you book your next mani-pedi, keep these things in mind.

  • Licensed Salons

    Checking if the manicurist is licensed is one of the most crucial things you should take before visiting a nail salon. The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in Reno requires nail technicians to complete particular training in order to safely care for your nails. You can be sure that all of our nail places in reno and our crew have gone to these and followed strict regulations for each customer.

    The license proves that they can apply a variety of styles and that they can recognize if a customer has a fungal illness and how to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses to other clients. Our certified technicians will also know how to treat a hangnail and when to reject service in the interest of your health.

  • Are the tools sanitized and clean?

    Examine how technicians handle their instruments and work areas in a salon you intend to visit. Sanitize the cuticle cutters and clippers in pouches, and sanitize any place that comes into contact with the skin between customers, such as tabletops, armrests, and foot-soaking tubs.

    In our nail shops in Reno, you can purchase a wide range of nail products and even bring your nail equipment. Do not hesitate to ask us, and do not be concerned because all of our professionals are aware of the situation.

  • What's in your nail polish that you don't know about?

    The fun part—choosing a color! The characteristic smell you'll notice when you visit our nail salons Reno NV is from the chemical components utilized by beauty brands to maintain polish long-lasting and beautiful, whether your go-to is a nude or a furious red.

    Some polishes include harmful substances that should be avoided. These chemicals might cause hormonal imbalances and harm the nail bed. At the very least, look for "3-free" polishes, which have eliminated the usage of the "toxic trio" of dangerous chemicals:

    Toluene is a solvent that aids in the adhesion of nail lacquer to the nail.

    Formaldehyde, or its derivative, is used to harden nail polish.

    DBP is polymeric that can also be found in the grout, acrylic paints, and glue.

  • Once a month, get a mani-pedi.

    Your nails and skin should take a break. Exposure to UV light regularly, even for a short time, raises the risk of skin cancer. Although we have such at our nail salons Reno NV, we can use them if our customers want it. To ensure that our business is run fairly.

    Inquire if your salon uses LED lights to dry nails rapidly while limiting UV exposure. Also, before going under the light, apply sunscreen to your hands.

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Our nail salons Reno NVprovide a wide range of nail treatments for natural or gel extensions, all with the assurance of cleanliness and professionalism; we have the proper pedicure for your feet, whether you keep up with a monthly pedicure or have issues with calluses and dry feet.


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