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The procedure of our pedicure Reno NV services and how it works

One of the best treatments for your feet is a pedicure. A pedicure keeps your nails clipped and your feet free and makes them look cleaner and better. The washing and moisturizing characteristics help you maintain an infant’s feet and keep them looking beautiful at all times. That is why our pedicure Reno NV team will pamper you while keeping your feet and nails clean. Discover how we do it.

The procedure for our cheap nail salons Reno NV is as follows:

Because of our services with expert nail artists, experienced nail technicians, and specific techniques to deliver you a superb experience and outcomes, our cheap pedicures Reno NV is not your usual nail salon.

Your nails will be shaped and cut to the correct length and form.

The cuticles on the nails will be pulled up and removed carefully.

The ridges and surface of the nails will be smoothed with a nail buffer.

After that, nail technicians will clean the bottoms of your feet with a foot file to remove dead skin and calluses. The cleaning solution will then be massaged into your lower legs to clean and remove dead skin.

After that, your feet are massaged thoroughly with an appropriate moisturizer to enhance circulation and encourage blood flow, resulting in smoother, softer, and healthier feet.

Wrap your hands in clean, warm towels to help oils and moisturizers enter and nourish your skin.

Your feet ' nails are painted with high-quality nail polish or gel polish, depending on your preference. With our LED Gel Light System, a gel polish pedicure can last up to three weeks without chipping and drying fast.

Our pedicure Reno NV Gel Polish collection is enormous, with over 600 colors and options from several known brands, including Shellac by CND, Gelish by Harmony, OPI, Ink, and more. There are also hundreds of nail polish options from well-known brands like OPI, Essie, and China Glaze.

When customers purchase both a manicure and a pedicure simultaneously, a combination service is cost-effective. Usually, if you have a classic manicure and then return for another classic pedicure, the total cost is $44. However, if you choose a mix of conventional mani-pedi services, it will only cost you $41. For instance, if you pay for a traditional pedicure and manicure with gel polish individually, it will cost $56.

On the other hand, our combined service is only $52, saving you up to $4. As a result, combining services is a cost-effective choice that allows you to save money without returning many times. Each combined service will keep you anywhere from $3 to $8 on average. For further information, please see our price list. You will pay less the more you use our services. Come to our salon, choose your favorite manicure or pedicure, and let us adorn your nails!

While remaining in the Barbicide solution during the manicure session, our tools are cleaned in three steps: washing, alcohol cleaning, sanitization pouch sealing, and UV light sterilization. A new nail file and buffer will be given to each customer. The following is a list of our rates for various pedicure services. Please see our price list pages for a complete list of our prices and more information on each service. Come to our pedicure Reno NV to have one of the best pedicure services you've ever had.

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We take pride in serving the most significant number of consumers in Reno and the neighboring areas. We are the most acceptable answer to your demand for high-quality manicures and pedicures. Come to our pedicure Reno NV for a very memorable experience.


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